Become The YouTuber You've Always Dreamed Of

TuBeast’s state-of-the-art tools will help you increase your YouTube video views and channel subscribers exponentially and easily.

It’s time to take your YouTube journey to a whole new level. 

It’s time to unleash the beast. 

Become The YouTuber You've Always Dreamed Of

TuBeast’s state-of-the-art tools will help you increase your YouTube video views and channel subscribers exponentially and easily.

It’s time to take your YouTube journey to a whole new level. 

It’s time to unleash the beast. 

What Is TuBeast?

TuBeast was made by YouTubers, for YouTubers. 
TuBeast is a web platform and extension which contains an advanced set of tools and features. 

These tools and features can help you, the creators, to optimize your channel and video to perfection, create super relevant and niche targeted content, conduct unfair market research, learn amazing insights about your and others channels, and so much more. 

Whether you’re a newbie, a brand or an agency, you can maximize the full potential of your video content and channel. With our help, YouTube’s algorithm will love your content and this will give you unstoppable waves of views, engagement, subscribers, and fame. 

When we developed TuBeast, we reverse-engineered YouTube’s algorithm and conducted hundreds of experiments. 

TuBeast was built by using the world’s most advanced and powerful technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision and big data.

What Will You Get?

Win youtube algorithm


We know what works and what the algorithm is looking for. We analyzed millions of keywords and videos to learn how YouTube works inside and out. We know what our users need, and we know how to increase their video rankings.

Get more views and subscribers


Learn how to create better content and optimize your existing content. Using our tools will lead to an exponential increase in video views and channel subscribers. The road to YouTube success has never been easier.

Suit everyone, at every stage


Our tools are suitable for every YouTuber out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small YouTuber or a Multi-Channel-Network (MCN). Furthermore, our tools are perfectly useful whether you’re at the video creation stage, the production stage or the publishing stage.

Leading technologies at your fingertips


Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies learn what your channel needs and are tailored specifically for you. Our technologies improve and develop constantly to keep up with every single change
and trend that is happening.

Personal YouTube Assistant


We will guide you through every step. We’ll take you, hand in hand, on your journey; until you will meet your goals, reach success and get the desired 'Gold Play Button' at your doorstep. We’ll always be here for you, 24/7, 365 days a year.


Our algorithms monitor your
entire channel videos data and will provide valuable insights that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. From video analytics to channel analytics,
we’ve got you covered.

Get Your Channel Noticed Among The 31 Million YouTube Channels Out There

AI Video Analysis

A revolutionary tool with extraordinary abilities.
Our ‘AI Video Analysis‘ tool contains advanced technologies that can analyze your video file to find 50+ different issues/mistakes the human eye can’t detect –
From psychological patterns, SEO & YouTube algorithm issues to other general aspects that could really hurt your video performance. 

Learn how to improve your video content, increase audience retention, average view duration and watch time, generate more user engagement that will yield 10x-20x more organic views, BEFORE publishing your video on YouTube.

AI Thumbnail Analysis

As more and more people join YouTube everyday, the importance of your video thumbnail has drastically raised, as its your first weapon in fighting for users’ attention. 

By using Machine Learning technologies, we’ve scanned, processed and analyzed 1,000,000+ different thumbnails to create the perfect AI Thumbnail Tool –

Get a score to any of your thumbnails, find the best thumbnail out of multiple selections/designs and compare between competitors’ thumbnails.

Learn how to perfectly optimize your video thumbnail and – 

  • Make your thumbnails more attractive, engaging and professional.
  • Achieve a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) for your videos.
  • Get WAY more YouTube views.
  • Boost video rankings on YouTube.

More Advanced Features

3 Steps For Getting Started -

You can start using TuBeast by choosing the free package. There are paid packages with advanced features and higher limits (which is highly recommended for your YouTube channel growth), but you can keep using the free package forever. 

Of course it is! This is why we offer a free plan for everyone who wants to evaluate and test our service first.

Whenever you’ll be ready to upgrade to any of our plans, you can do it from your personal TuBeast dashboard. For more details, check our pricing plans

No, you don’t have to if you don’t feel comfortable doing it. However, please keep in mind the followings – 

  1. You’re missing TONS of channel optimization suggestions and important insights by not integrating your channel.
  2. Our YouTube app is fully verified by YouTube compliance team which strictly reviewed each part of it intensively. 
  3. Your channel & Google account is 100% safe and secure, it’s impossible for us to delete your YouTube videos (even if we wanted to). 

Yes it is! Although, some of the features are available for paying users only (which are super helpful – learn more about TuBeast Chrome Extension). 

ABSOLUTELY! TuBeast is suitable for all content creators and YouTubers – whether you’re a newbie or a veteran agency to an MCN. Our platform & extension tools are skyrocketing performances, views and subscribers for all channel sizes and shapes. 

Our different tools and features can be accessible from –

  1. Our cloud / web app based platform. Just create an account (takes 10 seconds) or login into your existing account.
  2. Our Chrome Extension.

Please note that the Chrome Extension and the Web App platform contains different tools & features.