7 Best Tips To Optimize Your YouTube Video Titles

7 Best Tips To Optimize Your YouTube Video Titles

When it comes to YouTube, a well-optimized YouTube video is one that has all the meta-data down: tags, descriptions, a killer thumbnail, and great YouTube video titles. From an SEO perspective, your video title is just as crucial as the video content itself.

Video titles are one of the very first things people notice when they search and discover new YouTube videos. The titles, as well as the thumbnails, both attract a potential viewer with a promise of what’s to come and a glimpse into the video’s topic.

Every YouTube video has its’ own webpage with a unique URL. YouTube creates HTML meta-tags for every single video based on different page elements. Thus, the video’s title becomes the HTML title tag. This fact is important because writing a great title can really affect your video’s CTR from both YouTube’s SERP and external search engine SERPs. Therefore, well-written titles make all the difference between people clicking on them to watch your videos to people scrolling past them and missing out on your fantastic content.

How To Optimize Your YouTube Video Titles For CTR?

1 – Be Accurate.

Keep an eye out for trends, but avoid using clickbait and misleading titles on your videos. When you describe your video accurately in the title, people are more likely to stick around and watch it all the way through. Thus, you get better watch time and retention rates, and YouTube will likely recommend you to users in the “Recommended for You” section.

2 – Reel The Viewers In And Don’t Ask Questions.

A great way to do this is with a complementary thumbnail and a compelling title (have a look at Vsauce’s This Is Not Yellow for reference). Tell your audience why they should care about your video without asking them silly questions.

3 – Use Title Capitalisation

Nothing grinds people’s gears more than all caps in titles or all lowercase letters. All caps are too aggressive – why are you shouting at your viewers? Shouting won’t get you the kind of attention you need. All lowercase looks lazy and unprofessional. When you use title capitalization, meaning Capitalising Every Word In Your Title, your videos look more professional, and the search engines’ algorithms know that what they’re looking at is an actual title.

Video Title Optimization 1
Use proper capitalization in your title and make sure your thumbnail compliments your title

4 – Keep It Short And Sweet.

YouTube cuts titles off at 66 characters, so make sure your title is under that limit (and if it isn’t – position your keywords before anything else!).

5 – Use Numbers.

Using prime and odd numbers in your titles has been proven to catch peoples’ attention and increase CTR significantly. If your video is a listicle or if you can squeeze a number in there (and still keep it relevant, of course!) – do it.

Video Title Optimization 2
Use numbers and keep your title short and sweet

6 – Mind Your Keywords.

Include exact targeted keywords and make sure you place them first and foremost in your video’s title. Try and think of it as a template: keywords first, brand second. Another critical thing to remember is to use your targeted keyword only once in your title.

When it comes to SEO, keywords are phrases and words in your content that make it easier for people to find it on search engines. Since most keywords are discovered during the “Keyword Research” process, we highly recommend using TuBeast’s YouTube Keyword Tool to create videos based on what people are searching for.

7 – Use Power Words.

Power words are great for motivating people to click on your titles by spiking up their interest levels. NativeAdBuzz compiled a list of 76 power words and divided it into five categories. All of these power words are great for sparking emotion with the viewers and can be used to generate more traffic for your video.

Video Title Optimization 3-min
Make sure your keywords are placed first in your title and that you’re using power words as well!

Using these 7 tips, you’ll surely be on the right track towards YouTube success. While being a YouTuber is hard work, using these tips will make reaching your goals and realizing your dreams easier and quicker. Use these tips to create attention-grabbing and compelling video titles and watch your numbers and stats grow effortlessly!

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