What Is Our Feature?

Say Goodbye To Your Content Strategy Guesswork.​


Up to this point, you probably didn’t care about the words you’re using (and saying) in your video content, because you had no idea how important it is.

For each search query, YouTube’s algorithms are looking for specific keywords and key phrases to determine whether or not to promote your video. The algorithms check which videos contain the highest relevancy for users’ intent, and they have an amazing ability to analyze video content and context to deliver the most accurate and relevant results.

TuBeast’s ‘Advanced Topic Research‘ will completely change, boost and upgrade the way you’re doing content research and building your content strategy on YouTube.

Key Features & Use Cases

Advanced Topic Research - Content Analysis - Most Used Phrases (Transcripts)
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Find The Keywords & Key Phrases The Algorithm Wants You To Use

Find New & Highly Relevant Ideas For Your Videos

Advanced Topic Research - Content Analysis - Related Questions
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Advanced Topic Research - General Insights
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Comprehensive Market Research & Insights

We Analyze The Top Ranked Videos For You

Advanced Topic Research - Top Video Analysis
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