What Is Our Feature?

Get x3-x12 More YouTube Views Using Artificial Intelligence


It’s no secret that on YouTube, first impressions matter. If you want to catch people’s attention and have them watch your content on YouTube, you’ll need a great video thumbnail. 

Interesting custom video thumbnails are crucial for your channel’s success and growth efforts. Your video thumbnail is your content’s very first impression on the viewer, and so you want it to be a great one.

TuBeast’s one of a kind ‘AI Thumbnail Analysis’ tool is all about teaching you how to craft optimized YouTube video thumbnails for better CTR (Click Through Rate), improved video performances, and highly clickable thumbnails!

This Sounds Too Good To Be True! How Did You Develop This?
First, we analyzed millions of thumbnails from different categories and niches, combining their CTR metric. Then, our AI has trained itself to give accurate scores (from 1 = worst, to 100 = perfect) for each analyzed thumbnail. Lastly, we have trained our AI to provide tailored optimization feedback for each analyzed thumbnail based on 100’s of different detections.

Key Features & Use Cases

AI Thumbnail Analysis - Score
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Check Your Thumbnail Score And What’s Wrong With It

  • Our AI tool will analyze any thumbnail/design and provide it's "score", describing how good (or bad) your thumbnail really is.
  • Because you need some practical advice, our advanced AI will teach you what you need to do to improve your thumbnail CTR which will make more people click on it!

Find the best thumbnail out of multiple designs

  • Our tool is the best solution when you have a few thumbnail designs but don’t know which will get more clicks and views
  • Compare between up to 5 different designs/thumbnails
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AI Thumbnail Analysis - Competitor Thumbnails Comparison
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Compare Your Thumbnail Against Competitors

  • Make your video thumbnail to stand out and leave your competitors in the dust - Learn who has the winning design and how to make your thumbnail better than anyone else.
  • You can even add your keyword and just let us grab your competitors’ thumbnails for you

In-Depth AI Text Analysis

  • It is highly recommended to add overlay text to your custom video thumbnail. For example, adding your video title or focus keyword as a text overlay will attract more viewers to your video.
  • Because of its importance, we’ve developed unique AI Text Analysis technology which gives a score to each recognized word/phrase based on its design/general look.
AI Thumbnail Analysis - Text Analysis
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