How To Bring Your Inactive Subscribers Back To Life

How To Bring Your Inactive Subscribers Back To Life

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming and sharing platforms. It has 2 billion worldwide users, watching 1 billion hours of video content every single day. It’s an amazing source of revenue as well as a social network and marketing tool.

The best way to utilize the power of YouTube, however, is through the subscribers you have.

What Are “Subscribers”?

Subscribers, or “Channel Subscribers”, are people with YouTube or Google accounts that choose to subscribe to your channel. The point in subscribing to a specific channel is so the user will be able to see more of that channel on their “Home” feed. It also signifies that the user liked your content so much, that they want to follow you and find your content easily on YouTube, rather than have to search for your videos through the search engine function every time they want to watch one of your videos.

Why Do Subscribers Become Inactive?

The short answer to this question is “reality”. With so much content on the platform, it’s easy to miss out on some really great videos because you’re just not aware of their existence – even if you are subscribed to a channel.

People follow a huge amount of channels on YouTube and can’t always keep up with every single channel they subscribed to. Then, they remain subscribed to a channel, but they aren’t watching the content the channel produces because their eyes are drawn to other channels. Subscribers who aren’t watching your content are considered “inactive”. Meaning, they are still subscribed to your channel, but they aren’t engaging with your content in any way.

Why Inactive Subscribers Are Bad For Your Channel

  • It will decrease your organic reach for new content. Because your subscribers are inactive, fewer people will see your new content when it’s uploaded.
  • You won’t be promoted by the algorithms. Because fewer people are seeing your content and engaging with it, YouTube’s algorithms will determine it’s not as good and will gradually reduce your content organic reach across the platform.
  • You’ll have smaller chances of going viral. If YouTube isn’t promoting your content, your reach to potential new audiences decreases significantly.
  • Your engagement rates will decrease. This, in itself, is bad. Engagement is one of the key metrics YouTube’s algorithms look at when determining whether your content is worth promoting or not. The less engagement you have, the slimmer your chances of being promoted.

What Can You Do To Bring Your Inactive Subscribers Back To Life?

Create Better Thumbnails

The first thing you can – and should – do is to create better thumbnails for your videos. There are billions of videos on YouTube that are directly competing with your content over the audience’s attention. If you want your subscribers to watch your videos, you have to grab their attention by creating an amazing first impression. The best way to do that is to create a great thumbnail that will be irresistible for your subscribers. You can even use TuBeast’s Thumbnail Analysis Tool to analyze your existing thumbnail and learn from the feedback the AI gives you. It’s the best way to create attention-grabbing thumbnails that your subscribers just won’t be able to ignore.

Click here to watch the full report –

Remind Your Subscribers To Turn On The Notification Bell

This is super important. The notification bell is YouTube’s way of letting your subscribers know when you’ve uploaded a new video. Not everybody turns it on immediately, and a lot of people do need a reminder to do so. At the end of your video, when you’re giving your “Subscribe!” CTA (Call-to-Action), remind your new and existing subscribers to turn on the notification bell so they don’t miss any of your videos! On the top, the bell is turned off. On the bottom, the bell is turned on.

Notification Bell Turned Off
Notification Bell Turned Off
Bell turned on
Notification Bell Turned On

Have A Consistent Uploading Schedule

Having a consistent uploading schedule is crucial when it comes to your subscribers. Instead of sporadically posting videos and hoping that all of your subscribers see them, you should have a clear schedule of when you’re posting videos. This way, your subscribers know exactly when to expect your videos to upload and they’ll remember to check-in and watch them as soon as they’re published.

Use The “YouTube Stories” Feature And Your Community Tab To Talk About Your Videos

YouTube Stories are a great way to keep your audience in the loop. Let’s say you posted a video that didn’t get a lot of subscriber views and it’s been a while since you first posted it. By uploading a YouTube story and talking about that video, you’re bringing it back up into your subscribers’ awareness and they’re more likely to go and look for that video on your channel, now that you’ve mentioned it and they realize they must have missed it.
Something that’s important to note about YouTube stories – it’s only available for channels with more than 10,000 subscribers.

Community tab posts also show up on people’s “Home” feeds and can “remind” them of your existence in case they haven’t watched your videos in a while. You can use the community tab to communicate with your subscribers interactively using polls and posts, as well as a reminder mechanism for your videos. The more interactive you are on the platform, the more your subscribers will see you. Remember: out of sight, out of mind. Stay in your subscribers’ orbit and make sure they never miss a new video.

Host Giveaways And Contests

People love winning prizes. If you want your subscribers to watch your videos again, give them a clear incentive. Make sure that you’re making watching the video worthwhile by hosting a giveaway or a contest every now and then. It’s a great way to give back to your subscribers for all of their support as well as a means of “waking” them up and watching your content. YouTuber Gracie O’Connor hosted a giveaway on her channel when she reached 100,000 subscribers, for example. Giveaways are a great way to spark interest in your audience and keep them engaged and active with your content.

Cross-Post On Social Media

Cross-posting on Social Media is another fantastic way to remain on your subscribers’ radar. The fact is, people are active on more than one social network these days. So if you have a YouTube channel, you probably also have an Instagram or Facebook account linked to that channel. Whenever you post a new video – make sure you link to it on other social media platforms as well to keep everyone informed on every possible platform. This will make your videos much harder to miss.

What About Getting Some New Subscribers?

Facebook Groups

One thing you can do to promote your content is to post it to relevant Facebook groups. Facebook groups are great for building a sense of community with other creators and will often allow you to post your content to the group on certain days of the week. This is a great opportunity to promote your content and gain new subscribers.


Furthermore, you should join Quora. Quora is a Q&A website where people ask questions and the large community of Quorans answers these questions. If your videos can solve problems for people, you can ask a question anonymously and answer your own question with a link to your YouTube video. It’s also a great way to get your name out there and build your brand as an authority by answering people’s questions without posting links to your videos. Make a name for yourself on Quora and people will flock to your channel to find out what you’re all about.
Here’s an example of a Quora answer that brings value and promotes TuBeast:

Quora answer that brings value and promotes TuBeast


Like Quora, Reddit is all about giving value for a chance to self promote. You can find a subreddit for your niche quite easily and participate in discussions. Sprinkle in some links to your videos when appropriate and watch your traffic grow exponentially. Remember: there’s nothing Redditors hate more than blatant self-promotion, so never post links without giving value!

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