How To Conduct Advanced Topic Research For Your YouTube Videos

Being a YouTuber, you know that the struggle to come up with fresh content in your niche is real. You need to make sure that you’re making things that other people didn’t see yet or that you have your own “flavor” with things that are already out there just to keep your audience engaged and interested in your content.

However, it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Here at TuBeast, we created a tool that will help you with your topic research and make it more advanced than you thought possible. This tool will completely change the way you do topic research for your YouTube videos, and this blog post is here to teach you all about it. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

What Is “Advanced Topic Research”?

Advanced Topic Research is the process of doing topic research for your YouTube videos. With advanced topic research, you’re taking your general YouTube video’s content and diving in deeper to uncover different factors such as frequently asked questions about that topic, the most used words and phrases related to the topic, and more.

Why Doing Advanced Topic Research Is Important For Your Content

It Helps You Find Out What People Are Asking About The Topic

It’s no secret that the most engaging and interesting content is content that answers peoples’ burning questions. With Advanced Topic Research, you can uncover the most frequently and most commonly asked questions that are directly related to your topic.

Uncover The Most Commonly Used Words And Phrases Related To Your Topic

This is crucial for two reasons:

  1. YouTube is listening to your videos, so what you’re saying really matters when it comes to the algorithms. The more relevant words you say about your topic, the more engaging the algorithms will find it and you will be more likely to get promoted on the platform.
  2. It can help you come up with new keyword ideas for your video (and we already know how important keywords are…)

You Can Find Out What Your Competitors Are Doing In That Specific Topic

Competitor research, when done incorrectly, can cause major headaches (although we’re no doctors. We’re just speaking from experience, here!). When you’re doing Advanced Topic Research, you’re uncovering the most important aspects of your competitors’ content – their tags, their thumbnails, and their video titles. This will not only help you come up with your own ideas for what to do in your video, but it will also help you fine-tune and innovate on what your competitors are already doing – thus making you better than your competitors.

How To Conduct Advanced Topic Research Like A Pro (Using TuBeast)

Log in to your TuBeast account and click on “Advanced Topic Research” in the menu on the left of the screen

Advanced Topic Research step 1

Enter the best keyword or topic that describes your video to the search bar and choose your preferred language. Then, click on “Run Your Search”.

Advanced Topic Reseach Step 2

In the next screen, you will see three tabs as well as three tables. As an example, we chose to analyze “how to get more YouTube views”. We’ll break it down for you so you will understand exactly why each factor matters and how it can help you make better content.

Adanced Topic Research Home

First, we’ll go over “Content Analysis”.

In this section, you will find the most used single words, the most used phrases, and questions related to your keyword or topic.

Most Used Single Words

Most Used Single Words is pretty self-explanatory. This table presents the most used single words, analyzed from the video transcripts, in videos related to this topic.

Why is this important?

This is important because it can give you insights into what people are talking about when they’re discussing the topic at hand.

Next, we have the Most Used Phrases.

Most Used Phrases

This is very similar to the Most Used Single Words and serves a similar purpose: to show you what the most used phrases are when talking about this specific topic.

Why Is This Important?

This is important because it can give you keyword ideas for your content as well as give you insights into what people are talking about when they’re discussing the topic at hand.

Then, we have the Related Questions.

Related Questions

This table presents the questions we collected from all over the internet about your specific topic. This will help you create better, more audience-tailored content as well as help you with your video script process by giving you concrete questions to answer in your video.

Let’s Move On To “General Insights”.

This tab will show you everything you need to know about your topic’s performances on YouTube itself.

The first table is our “Most Suggested Videos” table.

Most Suggested Videos

This table shows you the most suggested videos for your topic, as well as how many times they got suggested, how many views they have and it also gives you the option to watch the video by clicking on the little eye icon on the right.

Why Is This Important?

This is important because it will give you a general clue of how the top-performing and top suggested videos are doing. It will also give you the chance to watch these videos and get inspired and learn from them.

Up next, we have the “Most Used Tags”.

Most Used Tags

This table will show you the tags that the most suggested videos used, as well as how many times those tags were used in the suggested videos. This won’t only give you the best tags to use on your video, it will also generate more keyword ideas that you might have missed out on had you not undergone the advanced topic research process!

Finally, we have the “Most Used Video Categories”.

Most Used Categories

Sometimes figuring out which category your video falls under is tricky. That’s why this section is so important: it lets you discover the best video categories to use for your video.

Now, Let’s Move On To The “Top Videos Analysis” Tab.

Top Videos

This tab shows you the top-ranked videos for this subject, as well as the videos’ statistics and tags. You can find out everything from how many views they got to how many likes they got, how many subscribers the videos’ channels have and how long the videos actually are. This will help you decide how long your video should be.

With the tags section, you can copy the videos’ tags and use them on your own video if you want. This will make finding good video tags a breeze and will save you a lot of time later on.

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