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So, you’ve signed up for TuBeast but you have no idea where to start. We get that, our system can seem a little overwhelming. However, we promise you that it’s a lot easier than you think. In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about using TuBeast.

What Is TuBeast?

Whether you’re a small YouTuber or a big agency, TuBeast is your one-stop-shop for YouTube optimization –
From content optimization, advanced keyword & data research, to YouTube SEO, our systems use machine learning and big data technologies to help you skyrocket your performances on YouTube and become one of the most successful YouTubers on the platform.

TuBeast’s Features And Tools: A Quick Overview

Market Research Tools

YouTube Keyword Tool

Keyword research is the first step in YouTube SEO. This tool will go above and beyond to help you find all the information you need for each and every keyword you’re targeting in your videos as part of your video content and strategy. With this tool, you can:

  • Get monthly search volumes for any keyword, worldwide.
  • Find hundreds of relevant related keywords for your videos.
  • Reveal competition scores for keywords, so you could focus solely on low-competition keywords and not waste your time and efforts on keywords that are too competitive.
  • Find trending keywords to target in your videos.

Advanced Topic Research Tool

Finding the right words and phrases to use in your videos is crucial because YouTube’s algorithms can now listen to your videos and analyze them. This tool will completely change, boost, and upgrade your content research and content building strategies on YouTube. With this tool, you can:

  • Find keywords and keyphrases that the algorithms want you to use.
  • Reveal new and highly engaging ideas for upcoming videos.
  • Conduct comprehensive competitor research and reveal valuable insights.
  • See an analysis of all top-ranked videos for your specific query.

The Beast Tracker

Doing topic and competitor research on YouTube manually is a tedious task. It’s also challenging to find hot trends before everybody else does without any help from crawling tools. Tracking all of your videos’ rankings on YouTube is virtually impossible without assistance. For these reasons, we developed the Beast Trackers. The Beast trackers will:

  • Notify you about important trends and achievements.
  • Help you trank your rankings with advanced rank trackers.

Artificial Intelligence Tools

AI Video Analysis

TuBeast’s AI Video Analysis tool is your one-stop-shop for everything related to your video’s content optimization. This powerful AI analysis tool will watch your content and analyze it based on hundreds of parameters and data points. Then, it will give you practical feedback according to what we detect as “wrong” in your video. What we’re looking for are SEO issues, psychological cues, and errors, and other general mistakes you might be making in your video that could potentially harm its performance. This tool can:

  • Reveal more than 50 mistakes and issues in your videos that the human eye simply can’t detect.
  • Find the exact problematic frames and scenes.
  • Help you learn from your competitors’ mistakes.
  • Give you useful and professional tools to help you skyrocket your video’s performance on YouTube.

AI Thumbnail Analysis

Great thumbnails are crucial for your channel’s growth and success. TuBeast’s one-of-a-kind AI Thumbnail Analysis tool will teach you how to create optimized thumbnails for better CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and improved video performances. With this tool, you can:

  • Check your thumbnail score and figure out what’s wrong with it
  • Find the best thumbnail out of multiple designs.
  • Compare your thumbnails against competitors.
  • Get an in-depth text analysis for any text appearing on your video thumbnail.

Data And Optimization Tools

Video MetaTags Optimization Tool

Finding the right metatags for your videos can be a hard task to accomplish, especially if you’re just starting out on YouTube. This tool will help you craft and find the best metatags for your YouTube videos: video descriptions, titles, and tags. With this tool, you can:

  • Personalize your metatags for your video before you upload it to YouTube.
  • Optimize your video description easily with our description analysis feature.
  • Get suggested titles for your video.
  • Receive an optimized tags list, based on AI technology.


YouTube Studio offers analytics and insights to your channel that could be complicated to navigate through without the right guidance. With ChannelSight, we take all of your videos, data, and performances and process them to provide you with priceless insights and suggestions that will skyrocket your YouTube channel and improve your decision-making process. With this tool, you can:

  • Easily navigate your channel and videos’ performances.
  • Find which videos are helping your channel grow and which videos might need improvement.
  • Use big data technology to get more subscribers and views to your content.


Our VideoSight tool will show you interesting facts and statistics about your videos. More than that, it will also provide you with super important and helpful insights that will lead to a significant improvement in your YouTube video SEO and will make your content more discoverable by YouTube’s algorithms. With this tool, you will:

  • Find every metatag for every video – and optimize them if you have to.
  • Reveal enlightening insights about your videos.

Free Tools

Video Thumbnail Preview

Our thumbnail preview tool will allow you to test your thumbnails to see what they look like on any device and placement on YouTube’s platform before you upload your video to YouTube. With this tool, you could see what your thumbnail will look like on:

  • YouTube’s Home/Main Page (for desktop and mobile).
  • YouTube video page/suggested videos feed (for desktop and mobile).
  • YouTube’s search results (for desktop and mobile).

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

This tool will help you download YouTube video thumbnails quickly and easily. It works with any video on YouTube. This is great if you want to back up your channel’s thumbnails or if you want to download another channel’s video thumbnails for any purpose.

YouTube Tags Generator

In case you’re not familiar with them, YouTube tags are descriptive keywords that you can add to any of your videos. Adding tags to your YouTube videos is crucial for YouTube video SEO because they help the algorithms categorize your content and make it visible to the correct audience. Our free YouTube tags generator tool will help you find the best tags for your YouTube videos based on your focus keyword.

YouTube Video Ideas Generator

Finding good YouTube video ideas is no easy task. That’s why we developed our free YouTube video ideas generator. This tool will help you find video ideas based on your focused keyword and your video category. It will give you a list of ideas that you can use in your next YouTube videos.

YouTube Money/Earnings Calculator

This tool will give you an estimation of how much money you might earn in ad revenue from a monetized video, based on different parameters and criteria. Our YouTube money calculator will allow you to “guesstimate” how much money YouTube will pay you for a monetized video.

Chrome Extension

TuBeast’s Chrome extension allows you to boost your everyday YouTube experience by using our data, analysis, and keyword tools. Since this extension is totally free, everyone can use it and hone in its’ powers for their advantage. It also contains features that aren’t available in TuBeast’s web platform, so it’s the perfect complementary product for TuBeast. Our Chrome extension works in three areas:

  • Search Results Page: get all the data you need on each searched keyword right on YouTube’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This will show you monthly search volumes, competition score, related keywords and questions, most used tags, average performances, and more.
  • Any Video’s “Video Page”: we reverse-engineered YouTube’s algorithms to help you understand how, why, and which videos are being promoted on the platform. Additionally, on the video page, we’ll show you the video’s tags, a transcript analysis showing controversial and potentially demonetizing words, and more.
  • Any YouTube Channel’s “Channel Page”: We have a powerful “Internal Search Engine” tool that will display the exact scenes your keyword was mentioned in by scanning all of the channel’s video content. You will also be able to track the channel’s performances including what and when any changes took place on any video in their titles, thumbnails, or tags.

How To Setup Your TuBeast Account

Integrate Your Channel

Integrating your channel with the TuBeast platform will let us provide you with valuable insights, enhanced data features and optimization tips. Integrating your channel with TuBeast is completely risk-free because the TuBeast app and platform are YouTube Compliance Verified.

To integrate your channel with TuBeast, all you have to do is sign in to your TuBeast account and follow the instructions presented below:

Channel Integration

Install The TuBeast Chrome Extension

To install the TuBeast chrome extension, simply sign in to your TuBeast account and click on ‘Install Now’ as pictured below:

Install Chrome Extension

Which Features You Should Use – And When?

Existing Videos

“I Want To Optimize Some Of My Existing Videos”

  • Our VideoSight tool will help you find old videos to optimize. You will get optimization ideas based on your metatags based on your keywords.
  • The AI Thumbnail Analysis tool will help you optimize existing videos’ thumbnails to make them better and more engaging. It will give you feedback on your current thumbnails, so you could make smart changes according to the feedback you’ll receive from our AI.
  • Use the Video Metatags Optimization Tool. This tool allows you to find the best metatags for your videos based on your keywords, your competitors’ videos, and your video’s description text.

“I Want To Track My Existing Videos’ Rankings On YouTube”

  • Use The Beast Tracker’s Rank Tracker! This tool allows you to monitor your daily SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking on YouTube for any of your videos. With this tool, you can check if your search rankings increase or decrease for any keyword.

“I Want To Understand My Channel Data And Performances Better”

  • Use our ChannelSight feature Find data that is otherwise unorganized and isn’t easily reachable via YouTube Analytics. Our ChannelSight feature will provide you with valuable information about your channel and content. Find general data about your channel based on a time period of your choosing. Discover your videos’ main metrics and performances. Sort data by metrics and reveal interesting insights about your channel videos’ such as when to upload new videos, which videos perform best, and more.

New Videos

“Help Me Find Some Subjects To Cover In My Upcoming Video”

  • Use the YouTube Keyword Tool. Find trending and long-tail keywords related to your search query. Discover monthly search volumes and competition scores. Target keywords with low competition scores and high search volumes because those will be easier to rank.
  • Try the Advanced Topic Research tool. Find related questions people are trying to find answers for. Discover what the most used words and phrases are for your query. Reveal which category your video will fall under and script your video accordingly. Analyze the top videos to see the most used tags, titles, and thumbnail designs as well as video performance statistics. This will help you gather inspiration from your competitors and determine how long your video should be, what your thumbnail design should look like, etc.

“I Need New Video Ideas!”

  • Use the YouTube Keyword Tool. The YouTube Keyword Tool will help you find keywords (long-tail as well as broad keywords) to target in your upcoming videos. It will also help you discover monthly search volumes and competition scores, thus assisting you in deciding which keywords to target for the best chances of ranking for those keywords.
  • Use the Advanced Topic Research Tool. With the Advanced Topic Research tool, you can uncover questions that people are asking about your specific keyword or query. You will also be able to discover the most used words and phrases for that topic. Furthermore, if you’re unsure of which category your video will fall under, this tool will give you category ideas!
  • Give the YouTube Video Ideas Generator a try! This tool is a free tool that can help you come up with new video ideas based on a keyword or topic and your video category.

“I Have A Video Ready – But I Need To Optimize it!”

  • Use the Video Metatags Optimization Tool. This tool allows you to find the best metatags for your videos based on your keywords, your competitors’ videos, and your video’s description text.
  • Check out our AI Video Analysis Tool. This tool uses AI technology to scan through your video and find more than 50 mistakes. It will also give you feedback and advice on all the issues found so you can optimize your video and make it more engaging and compelling for your viewers.
  • Run your thumbnails through our AI Thumbnail Analysis tool before you upload your video to uncover issues and mistakes you might be making. This tool will help you craft the perfect thumbnail for your upcoming YouTube video with AI technology.

“I Don’t Know Which Thumbnail To Use In My Videos”

  • Use our AI Thumbnail Analysis tool. Compare and analyze up to 5 thumbnails at a time. Choose the thumbnail that received the highest score. Compare your best performing thumbnail against your competitor’s thumbnail to see whose thumbnail is better!

“I’m Not Sure If My Thumbnails Will Look Good!”

  • First, upload your thumbnails to our AI Thumbnail Analysis Tool.
  • Then, run your thumbnails through our Thumbnail Preview Tool. With our Thumbnail Preview Tool, you can see how your thumbnail will look on mobile and desktop devices on different pages on YouTube. This will help you determine whether your thumbnail looks clear enough or if you should perhaps change it to make it look better.

“I Want To Find Great Tags For My Upcoming Video!”

  • Use our YouTube Tags Generator. This tool will help you find the right tags to use on your YouTube videos, for free. All you have to do is type in your keyword and let us do the work for you.

Competitor/Market Research

“I Want To Track My Competitors!”

  • Using the Advanced Topic Research for researching what your competitors are doing is incredibly easy. In our Advanced Topic Research tool, you can see a clear report of the top-performing videos. This report will show you the top videos’ statistics as well as their tags. You will also see how long the top-performing videos are and what their titles and thumbnails look like, to get a better clue of what your content should look like and how long it should be.
  • The Beast Tracker makes it easy to do competitor research and analysis by setting up a custom alert for competitor videos. You can set up an alert to notify you whenever a competitor uploads a new video. This will keep you in the loop in real-time and you’ll be able to see what your competitors are doing in any given moment.

“I Want To Find Trending Videos From My Niche”

  • Use The Beast Tracker’s Custom Alerts! The Trending Videos alert will come in very handy for you! Find hot and trending videos based on your topic of interest. Discover when videos reach your “selected views” goal and how much time it took them to get there to learn which content ideas perform best. We’ll scan YouTube for your desired topic every day and display all the videos that reached your “selected views” goal, including their tags!

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