How To Make Your Videos Suggested On YouTube


In recent years, YouTube has practically perfected their “Recommended Videos” algorithm on the platform. In 2018, Neil Mohan (YouTube’s CPO) revealed that 70% of the videos people watch are recommendations made by the platform’s advanced algorithm. As if this isn’t mind-blowing enough, he also noted that these recommendations keep people on the platform for longer sessions on mobile: up to 60 minutes at a time.

YouTube’s suggested videos are customized and tailored to each user’s behavior on the platform. The algorithm bases the recommendations on your search and viewing history, engagement, preferred devices, and even location.

What Are “YouTube Recommended Videos”?

The recommended videos column (or ‘YouTube Suggested Videos’) is made up of videos that are related by topic. They could be from the same channel or from several different channels. The algorithms pick these videos based on the user’s search history, keywords used in the video’s meta-tags and by using Deep Neural Networks algorithms.

What Are "Recommended Videos"?
Recommended Videos On Mobile

5 Ways To Get Your Videos Suggested By YouTube:

1. Optimize Your Videos

  • Keyword Research: keywords play a huge role when it comes to making your videos searchable and discoverable on the platform.
    • Keywords are words and phrases that describe your content and channel most accurately.
    • They help search engines (both YouTube’s internal search engine as well as external search engines) find your content and rank it on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).
    • Our YouTube Keyword Research tool can definitely help your video become recommended by YouTube’s algorithms. It will also assist you in getting more organic views – but that’s just an added perk.
    • This tool will help you find trending and related keywords, as well as search volumes and competition scores.
    • By using the right keywords, phrases or long-tail keywords in your video’s metatags (meaning the title, tags and description), you will increase your chances of getting your video recommended by YouTube’s algorithms.
  • Optimize Your Meta Tags: don’t skip the meta-tags, no matter what.
    • Meta-tags help the search engine algorithm index your content and better understand what the content and context are.
    • This understanding allows the algorithm to categorize your video with other, similar videos on the platform.
    • When writing titles and descriptions, make sure you position your targeted keywords first, so they don’t get “cut off.”
    • Keep your descriptions and titles as accurate and representative of the content as possible.
    • Our Pre-Upload YouTube MetaTags Optimization Tool will help you craft the best meta tags for your videos based on your keywords and a rough draft of your video’s description.
    • This tool will optimize your video description and provide you with 3 of the best title suggestions for your video, as well as video tags.
  • Length Does Matter: YouTube’s recommendation algorithm is “Watch-Time” and retention oriented.
    • It’s no secret that videos with high retention rates and better watch-time get rewarded by YouTube and are more discoverable on the platform.
    • As we’ve mentioned in another blog post, the “perfect” average video length varies anywhere between 4-12 minutes.

2. Create Engaging Content

  • Topic research: Our Advanced Topic Research tool will help you know what content people are actually looking for and craft tailored content to accommodate their needs.
    • With this tool, you can find out what the most suggested videos are for a specific topic you might want to create a video about and find out how well the top videos for this topic are performing.
    • Doing advanced topic research is important because it helps you find keywords and phrases to say in your video, which will help the algorithms recognize what your video is about and therefore your video will rank better on the search engine results page.
  • Learn How To Edit: Video editing is a pain to do, but so essential for the viewers’ overall experience.
    • Use different camera angles and “Pattern Interrupts” while creating your video and add even more Pattern Interrupts while editing.
    • Make it exciting and dynamic, and your audience will stay captivated and increase your watch-time.
    • The more watch-time you generate, the more YouTube’s algorithms will reward you for keeping users logged in for long sessions on the platform.
  • Be Consistent: When it comes to YouTube, consistency is vital.
    • Make sure you have filming, editing, and uploading schedules and that you’re sticking to them, by all means.
    • Having consistency in your practice will allow your viewers to know when they should expect new content from your channel and will keep you in a smooth-sailing routine for creating remarkable content.
  • Analyze Your Videos BEFORE You Upload Them: TuBeast’s AI Video Analysis tool can help you find more than 50 different issues and mistakes in your video that could really hinder its performance.
    • A badly performing video means poor audience retention, which means your video won’t get recommended / suggested on YouTube.
    • Our tool allows you to analyze any video – yours or your competitors’ – and will give you valuable feedback that you can learn from and implement in your content for better performance and audience retention.
    • The more optimized your video is, the higher your chances for getting recommended by YouTube are because people will be watching your content and staying logged in to the platform for longer sessions, which will make YouTube algorithm to reward your content and promote it further across the platform.
Analyze Your Videos BEFORE You Upload Them:
Click here to watch the full report
  • Use Compelling Custom Thumbnails: great video thumbnails are crucial for CTR – people on social media platforms always judge books by their covers.
    • If you want people to watch your videos, you have to make the thumbnail “pop.” When making your thumbnail, make sure it represents the video’s subject and that the color scheme isn’t too harsh or overbearing.
    • Try to use your keyword in the thumbnail text (if you decide to add text). Good contrasts and beautiful visuals always win!
      If you want to create an awesome thumbnail that will get you the best results, you should definitely use TuBeast’s AI Thumbnail Analysis tool.
    • This tool will take your thumbnail and analyze it. It will give you a score on your thumbnail based on hundreds of parameters and data points and will give you feedback on how to improve a poorly-performing thumbnail.
    • The better your thumbnails are, the more likely your video is to get clicked on and watched. The higher the CTR (“Click Through Rate”) and Audience Retention rate is for your video, the better your chances are for getting recommended by YouTube’s algorithms!
    • “But why?” Because YouTube’s algorithms reward videos and channels that prolong users’ sessions on the platform and generate a higher watch time rate.

3. Curate Your Content

  • Create Playlists: As a content creator, you can use playlists as a powerful tool to keep your videos circulating the platform and your audience watching more of your content on each session.
    • When you put a video in a playlist, YouTube’s algorithm uses that playlist for reference and recommends other videos from that playlist to the viewers.
    • Again, YouTube wants to keep users logged in to the platform for as long as possible. A playlist is a great way to keep users watching on the one hand and to be rewarded for it by YouTube on the other hand.
  • Update Outdated Titles And Thumbnails And Delete Videos That Didn’t Perform Well: deleting ill-performing videos and updating video titles can significantly improve your statistics.
    • Videos that had low watch-time bring the overall viewer retention rate down. Once you delete them, they don’t count.
    • For well-performing videos that seemed to plateau – updating the title and thumbnail can bring a fresh breath of air to your videos and attract new viewers.
    • Updating your old videos’ thumbnails and titles is highly recommended (even by YouTube themselves!) and can really increase those videos’ CTR (Click-Through-Rate), which can bring those videos “back from the dead” and make them perform better than ever!

4. Encourage Comments

  • CTAs (Calls-To-Action): Using CTAs throughout your video can significantly increase your rankings on the SERP and get your video recommended by the algorithm.
    • The more engaging your videos are, the better your chances are to get recommended.
  • Comment On Your Videos: Other than using CTAs (Calls-To-Action), you can comment on your videos with prompt questions for your viewers.
    • If you use keywords in your comments, YouTube will know that this video encourages discussions about these keywords and will recommend it to other viewers looking for them in search queries.

5. Interlink Your Videos

  • Descriptions: linking to videos and playlists in your description box can lead your viewers to other related videos and signal to the algorithm that it’s worth recommending these videos because they make people stay on the platform longer.
Adding playlists to your description box
  • Annotations and Cards: you can link other videos in your annotations and have them pop up on the screen while the video is playing.
    • Annotations and cards have been proven to lead to higher watch-times.
adding video playlists to your cards
  • End Screens: End Screens show up in the last 5-20 seconds of your video and are used by creators to encourage viewers to take action.
    • Through End Screens, you can direct your viewers to your other videos and channels and make their session on the platform longer.
    • Since YouTube rewards channels with great watch-time sessions, you will soon be recommended by the algorithm to new potential viewers, and your audience base will grow exponentially.
adding playlists to your video end screens

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