How To Properly Brand Your Channel And Content On YouTube

Branding is crucial on YouTube. There are more than 2 billion active monthly users on the app and over 500 hours of video content are uploaded to the platform every minute. With approximately 50 million YouTubers actively creating content, you have to brand yourself in order to stand out from the pack.

These numbers say it all. It’s so important to take the time to think about the look and feel of your channel. People love consistency. The more consistent you are with the content you produce and the aesthetic look of your channel and content, the more people will want to stay to become a part of your world. With branding, you’re basically telling your audience what your channel is about and why they should stay tuned. Spending time on your branding – no matter where you are with your channel – will help you stay focused, consistent, and will increase your subscribers and views tremendously.

Meet Your New BFF – Canva!

Websites like Canva are a Godsend to YouTubers who are trying to brand their channel. Canva allows you to create templates that you can use and reuse as many times as you want. Besides the beautiful templates that you can create on Canva, it’s also a huge timesaver.

Your Channel Homepage

The channel homepage is very important and will often determine whether a person will choose to subscribe to your channel or not. In fact, most of the subscribers you’ll get will come from your channel homepage. Often, if someone discovers your videos through the search engine, they’ll click on your channel name to see if you have any more interesting content and will land on your channel homepage.

That’s why this page is so crucial. While you’re playing around on Canva, think of two to three colors that you’ll want to use on your channel and two fonts that you can commit to. These will be the colors and fonts that you will use consistently on all your channel graphics – from your banner to your video thumbnails and even within the video itself. Of course, you can always revise and change these in the future as your channel develops, but having a clear aesthetic right off the bat will make branding your channel easier and will lend an air of credibility to your channel from the very beginning.

Your Channel Artwork

We’ve already discussed your channel’s banner in a previous blog post. When someone visits your channel, the banner at the top is usually the very first thing that they see. Therefore, your artwork should reflect who you are, the niche you’re targeting, and you can even add your uploading schedule. The main goal of your channel banner isn’t just to look pretty, but also to describe what your channel is about and what people can expect from you and your content.

Your Channel Trailer

YouTube gives you the option to highlight one video at the very top of your channel homepage, right below your channel banner. This is a great opportunity to either showcase your best video or to create a channel trailer that will demonstrate the value proposition of your channel and give a glimpse into the type of content you produce.

Create Playlists

We’ve mentioned the importance of playlists before and we can’t stress it enough. From a branding perspective, a playlist curates your content in a way that makes it easier for your viewers to find similar videos on your channel when they’re grouped together. This won’t only “populate” your channel homepage with videos and playlists, but will also increase your overall watch-time. Your watch-time will increase because people prefer to “binge” on content rather than look for a video one-at-a-time. All you have to do is group similar content together and give it a name that clearly shows the value these videos have to the audience.

Mind What You Say

Branding can also be linguistic. The language that you use, your jargon, can also be a strong branding aspect of your channel. From the way you introduce yourself and your content in your videos to your “outros”, language can be a powerful branding tool. Most channels have a “catch-phrase” that is unmistakeably theirs. Your channel could have one, too.

Your Video’s “Intro” Clip

This is one of the very first things people see when they’re watching your videos, so you might want to consider making one (or having one made for you). Using them after your video introduction will help create consistency and will make your channel look more professional, thus making it great for branding. All you need is a quick two-seconds clip.

Your Channel “Outro” End Screens

End screens are the last thing people see when they’re watching your video (assuming they watched it all the way through and didn’t click off). When creating your end screens, you want to make sure they appear on a nice background that features your channel colors, graphics, and fonts.

Your Video Thumbnails

Thumbnails aren’t only important for making people click on your video. They can also be a powerful branding tool! Your thumbnails should be bright, eye-catching, and legible. Use the fonts you chose for your channel as well as your color scheme and make your thumbnails consistent and cohesive with their look. The goal is for someone to take a quick glance at your video thumbnail and know that that video belongs to you and is therefore worth watching because you’re so awesome.

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