How To Use Social Media To Promote Your YouTube Channel’s Brand


Twitter is a powerful marketing tool and should definitely be used to its maximum potential. Using Twitter is one of the most common marketing tactics for YouTubers when it comes to promoting their content and driving traffic to their content. The best part about it? It’s really, really fun and addictive and you can become a Twitter-marketing master easily with these four tips (and while you’re at it, go visit our Twitter page and follow us! We’re so much fun!):

1 – Mention Your Channel Name In The Bio Section

You can actually use your Twitter bio section to inform your Twitter followers that you have a YouTube channel. You can even include a link to direct your followers to your YouTube channel.

A good Twitter bio will build interest in your content and compel your followers to go and visit your YouTube channel.

2 – Post Links To Your Videos Using Trending Hashtags

Post an announcement on Twitter every time you publish a new video to your channel. Always give your audience a link that will direct them to the video and give a short description of what the video will be about.

Always remember to use trending hashtags on all of your tweets, especially the ones about your YouTube videos. This will help you reach potential viewers who aren’t following you on Twitter, yet.

While he didn’t use hashtags, Brian Dean from did use important keywords rather than just copy and paste a link to his YouTube video. You can generally learn a lot from this guy’s social media presence, we highly recommend following him on Twitter!

3 – Post Different Kinds Of Content To Your Twitter Feed

Don’t just spam your feed with links. This might annoy your followers and prompt them to un-follow you. What you should do is post interesting, informative, and relevant tweets that can relate to your video. Post tweets that will pique your followers’ curiosity about your content. You have 140 characters to prompt your followers to take action and watch your videos, so make them count!

4 – Engage In Conversations With Your “Tweople” (Twitter-People)

Engagement with your Twitter followers will strengthen your relationship and promote loyalty. Post tweets asking your followers what they would like to see next from you. Start discussions about popular topics or issues that relate to one of your videos. Ask your followers for feedback on your videos – engage, engage, engage!

In this example, we retweeted and replied to a fan after he gave us the kindest words ever. It’s super important to engage with your followers on Twitter and not just drop links all the time!


Instagram is huge. With over 1 billion active users in 2019 alone, it’s no wonder so many YouTubers flock to this social media platform to promote their content (and in some cases, even their products!). Instagram allows you to reach a new audience as well as maintain your existing fanbase in a personal, non-formal way, and will definitely help you drive viewers to your YouTube channel.

1 – Upload Content To IGTV And Post Stories

Use as many of the built-in Instagram features that you can. Instagram’s algorithms push stories with tagged locations, hashtags, and mentions. Post countdowns, emoji “sliders”, polls, questionnaires, go live, use the “swipe up” feature (once you hit 10,000 followers), and upload teasers to your new YouTube videos with links.

2 – Find Secret DM (Direct-Messages) Groups

DM groups are a closed list of members who post content in exclusive niches. Whenever you publish a new video, you can send a message to the group and ask the people in that group to watch your video. It’s a bit time consuming, however, because there’s a clear give-and-take dynamic in these groups: you can’t ask people to engage with your content without engaging with theirs. However, it helps you build a strong network of fellow YouTube friends and you might find interesting content to consume through these groups and help small YouTubers rise to fame! To find these groups, simply start reaching out to YouTubers in your niche and ask to form a group or join a group (if they’re already in one).

3 – Redirect People From Your “Feed” To Your YouTube Channel

Post “snippets” of your YouTube videos and redirect people to your YouTube channel with a link in your bio section. For example, use: “Watch the entire video on my YouTube channel. Link in bio” whenever you upload a snippet onto your feed. There is a catch to this technique, though: Instagram doesn’t let you embed video links in post captions. You can, however, update your Instagram bio with your latest video link.

4 – Use Hashtags!

It’s no secret that hashtags are Instagram’s keywords. Just like on YouTube when you tag your videos for visibility, adding hashtags to your Instagram posts will increase your post’s visibility on the “Discover” page. Instagram lets you use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, so make sure you make each one of those hashtags count!

Hold Up! What’s The “Discover” Page?

Instagram’s “Discover” page is where you find new content to consume. You can reach it by clicking on the little magnifying glass at the bottom of your Instagram feed, shown here:

On the “Discover” page, you can search for certain keywords. This is great because it will help you to find posts and accounts that are relevant to your niche for some good interaction. You might even start networking through finding relevant accounts to follow and interacting with them!

5 – Engage With Your Audience

The more people engage with the content you upload to Instagram, the more Instagram’s algorithms will promote your content. It goes both ways, though – to get people to interact with your content, you have to interact with theirs. Make sure you reply to every comment and go to your followers’ pages and comment on their content, as well. Find YouTubers from your niche and start interacting with them – you’ll see that they’ll start interacting with you back. Just keep it real and sincere and don’t spam people asking them to interact with your content. You should also look at setting up a Google My Business page like we did for this company in Texas as this is a great way to market locally.


Pinterest is more than just a social media – it’s a whole search engine, and it’s on the rise. Successful marketing on Pinterest can drive traffic to your YouTube content and it’s easy to do.

1 – Don’t Use The Default YouTube Thumbnail As Your Pin Graphic

Since Pinterest is a vertical visual platform, you want your pins to be vertical as well. YouTube thumbnails, however, are horizontal. That’s why, for Pinterest, it’s best to create your own Pin graphic using They have templates for pins and you can create beautiful looking pin graphics.

2 – Use Keywords

Pinterest is a search engine, and with search engines, you need keywords. To make sure your pins are discoverable, use your keywords in your titles, pin descriptions, and yes – pin graphics, as well.

3 – Write A Good Pin Description

Pinterest gives you 500 characters to use before it cuts off your pin description. That’s about three sentences. Use the space that’s given to you! Write in natural language (meaning do not keyword-stuff) and make sure to use at least 3 variations of your keyword.

4 – Add Hashtags

Try to keep them short and sweet and as broad as you can. Pinterest favors pins with hashtags because they are easier to find on the platform. Therefore, you should use hashtags at the end of your description (even if they get cut off) and make them as broad as you can, but still related to your content.


Facebook is great for promoting your channel and content. On Facebook, you can find targeted audiences to promote your content in Facebook groups as well as maintain your existing audience by opening a business/fan page for your YouTube channel.

1 – Open A Fan/Business Page For Your YouTube Channel

This is completely free to do and super easy. The benefit of opening a Facebook page for your channel is that you won’t spam your friends and relatives with things that are related to your channel that they might not care about, and it’s also great for branding your channel and content. Everybody can open a Facebook page for their business/brand, and so can you. You can even go to our Facebook page and like it, if you want!

2 – Find Your Audience With Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a goldmine for YouTubers. Let’s say, for example, you have a channel and you’re making content about Fortnite. To find a new audience to promote your video to, all you have to do is search for Fortnite groups on Facebook and join them. You can do this for every niche and topic under the sun – there’s a Facebook group for everything. There are even Facebook groups dedicated to helping YouTubers grow (such as “The YT Beasts” by TuBeast!).

3 – Don’t Just Drop Your Links

When you find your Facebook groups – and even on your own Facebook page – don’t just randomly drop your links. This will mark you as a spammer, people will report you and Facebook in general just doesn’t like it.

What you should do is provide value and your own original content to these groups to build your credibility. Once you’re viewed as a credible group member, then you can (and should) tastefully drop your links, when relevant.

4 – Be Consistent

Facebook marketing is hard work. You’ll have to be active on the platform consistently to build your credibility and authority. The more credible you are, the more people will feel inclined to click on your links. Therefore, you’ll have to post consistently – not just “original content”, but also be consistently active on different Facebook groups and pages.

5 – Maintain Your Channel’s Facebook Page

Don’t just upload video links to your Facebook page and call it a day. Post picture posts from your “behind the scenes” process, post polls and text posts. Make sure you’re as active as you can be on your Facebook Page and post to it at least once a day. Even if you feel like no one’s watching or reading what you’re writing – trust us, people are. What people want to see on Facebook is activity, so make sure you don’t neglect your Facebook page.


Quora isn’t a social media platform as much as it is a Q&A site, but it still matters a lot when it comes to promoting your content online. The premise behind Quora is that anyone can ask questions on the platform, and everyone can answer those questions. You can even add credentials to your profile to show your credibility and authority in a given topic. Here are some tips on Quora marketing:

1 – Fill In 100% Of Your Profile

Don’t be lazy. Fill in your education, your professional credentials and anything else that could help build your reputation and authority on the website. Fill in your profile completely and don’t skip anything. This will help make you look more credible and people will take more notice of what you have to say. Here’s our Chief Content Officer’s Quora profile as an example:

2 – Don’t Just Answer Questions – Ask Them, Too

One of the most important things about Quora is interaction. If you ask questions as well as answer them, you’re adding content to the platform and the algorithms will favor your content over other people’s content. You can ask just about any question under the sun.

3 – Provide Real Value Answers

When answering questions, avoid dropping your link without giving any context or value. Answer the question with a text post and incorporate your video link at the end as an option to learn more information on whatever it was you were talking about.

You can find relevant questions to answer by searching for a specific keyword in the Quora search bar.

Then, all you have to do is click on “Questions” (highlighted in gray) on the left hand sidebar and you’re good to go! Pick your relevant questions and start answering. It’s super easy!

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