How To Write The Perfect YouTube Video Description

YouTube video descriptions are often overlooked but are a crucial component in your success on the platform, and you shouldn’t ignore them.

This piece of meta-tags helps YouTube’s algorithm understand the content and context of your video. When optimized, video descriptions can lead to higher SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings, more exposure, and greater success for you as a creator.

How do we know this valuable bit of information, you ask? The answer is simple: YouTube themselves say so. YouTube’s Creator Playbook strongly recommends optimizing your video descriptions for better SEO. In other words – a great video description is crucial to getting noticed by the masses and by search engines.

Why Are YouTube Video Descriptions So Important?

They’re Perfect For Video SEO.

As we’ve mentioned before (and will say again), YouTube video descriptions (along with other metatags factors) help the algorithm to determine where your videos should rank on the SERP.

They Can Get You In The Suggested Videos Column

If one of the keywords in your description matches the keywords in another video’s description, there’s a good chance YouTube will promote your video as a “Suggested Video” in the designated column.

They Can Help Your Channel’s Watch Time

It sounds weird, we know, but it’s true. A lot of users on the platform will scroll down to read the description while the video is playing. The better your description is (and, quite frankly, longer) – the longer it’ll take them to read it, and the longer your video will play in the background. Consequently, your watch time will increase, and the algorithm will perceive your video as more entertaining and engaging than that of your competitors’.

It’s A Golden Opportunity For Promoting Your Brand

Anything you write under “Show More” is your opportunity to promote your brand. Add a brief channel description, your social media handles, helpful resources, and relevant product links.

You Can Use It For Monetization

Your video description is a great place to add affiliate links, links to your store or products and links to your websites. This gives you a chance to monetize your content without relying on YouTube’s ad platform for revenue.

YouTube Video Descriptions: Best Practices

Keyword Pointers:

  • Focus your keywords on the first 2-3 sentences in your description. The algorithm puts a heavier weight on keywords that show up in those sentences.
Focus Your Keywords On The First 2-3 Sentences in Your Description
  • Use specific keywords. Choose one or two keywords that accurately describe your content to maximize search traffic to your video.
Use Specific Keywords
  • Repeat the target keyword 2-3 more times in your entire description.
Repeat Your Target Keyword 2-3 More Times In The Entire Description
  • Use related keywords. Doing so will give YouTube’s algorithm extra information about your video and will also help you appear in similar search results.
Use Related Keywords
  • Add some hashtags (15 or less). Make them relevant to your video.
Use Hashtags

Writing Pointers

  • Follow a template if you’re not sure how your video description structure should look like or if you have no idea where to start and what to write.
  • Aim for at least 150 words. You have 5,000 characters to play with when you write a video description. Go wild! The more words you write, the more information you’re giving YouTube’s algorithm about your video. It’s a win-win.
  • Make it conversational. Don’t write like a robot and don’t stuff keywords in your description without paying attention to relevancy and flow. Write like a human would – more specifically, write just as you would talk, but with proper grammar and punctuation.
Make It Conversational
  • Make each video description unique. Don’t copy and paste the same description over and over again, especially when one video has nothing to do with the other, and the descriptions are irrelevant. If you get tired of manually typing up your social media handles and affiliate links, use the default descriptions feature and save some valuable time.
  • Use timestamps. Attention spans are becoming shorter by the minute. Adding timestamps to your video descriptions will help viewers skip to the parts they want to see the most.
Use Timestamps
  • Offer value – make sure your description answers these two questions: “why should someone subscribe to my channel?” “How will my video benefit them?” if you don’t give an accurate description for your video, viewers will leave halfway. Avoid clickbait and using irrelevant keywords.
Offer Value
  • Include CTAs both in your video and channel descriptions.
Include CTAs

Technical Pointers:

  • When you put links in your description, use “https://” to make them clickable.
Use https:// in your descriptions to make your links clickable

Perfectly Optimize Your Video Description With TuBeast’s ‘Pre-Upload Metatags Optimization’ Tool

What Is TuBeast’s Pre-Upload Metatags Optimization Tool?

This tool will help you find the best metatags for your video as well as create well-written and optimized YouTube video descriptions. Optimized YouTube video descriptions are known to increase performances as well as boost your rankings on YouTube search engine results page (SERP). Using this tool to create your YouTube video description is quick and easy.

We analyzed more than 500,000 videos in different categories and niches and found the best practices for your YouTube video description. With our tool, you’re guaranteed to stay on-point and on-track by analyzing your descriptions before you upload your video to YouTube.

How To Use This Tool?

First, you’ll have to sign in to your TuBeast account and click on “Pre-Upload Metatags Optimization” in the left sidebar. This will lead you to the tool’s front page and very first step – choosing your video category.

Step 1 - Sign In To TuBeast

Next, you’ll need to choose your video keywords.

Step 2 - Choose Your Keywords

For the sake of this demo, we chose the following keywords:

Step 2.2 - Keyword Examples

The next step is to type in/copy and paste your video description’s draft that you’ve already written. For the sake of the demo, we copy and pasted this video’s description.

Step 3 - Copy Description

Finally, you’ll have to add some competitor videos and click “submit”.

Step Four: Competitor videos

On your results page, scroll down to the Description Optimization section, shown below:

Description Optimization Results Page

As you can see, our tool gave us a full report on our description, accompanied with tips and tricks to improve our description and make it 100 times better.

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