How YouTube’s Community Tab Can Promote Your Channel

How YouTube's Community Tab Can Promote Your Channel

YouTubers are always looking for new ways to engage their subscribers with their content. One of these ways is the YouTube Community Tab on your YouTube channel page. It’s a tool that everyone over 1K subscribers has, but rarely ever use.

We’re totally aware that some of you might not have access to this tool at the moment. However, that shouldn’t stop you from educating yourself. The future is right around the corner, and your “1,000 subscribers” goal is very much reachable.

What Is The YouTube Channel Community Tab?

The community tab gives channels somewhat of a Facebook-like feel, where creators can post anything they want – from videos to polls to GIFs and images and text-based posts. Subscribers and visitors can respond to these posts in text only, but the interaction is still there for the taking.

The really cool thing about the community tab is that it’s not just your subscribers who’ll see the content you post there. Your community tab posts can reach anyone who’s interested in the content you produce.

Where Do I Find The Community Tab And What Does It Look Like?

When you log into your channel as a creator and click on your community tab, this is what you’ll see.

How To Engage Your Audience With Your YouTube Channel’s Community Tab?

Use Polls

Polls are probably the most popular form of community posts. That’s for good reason, too: polls are the easiest way to get your audience to engage with your content and become more involved with your channel!

Lots of polls ask the audience what they’d like to see next from their favorite YouTubers. Other polls are created as a fun way to start a discussion about something related to your channel. The point is the same, though: polls give your audience a voice on things to do with your content and your channel.

Be Informal

For many YouTubers, their audience only sees them when they’re on camera. This means that the creator is also accompanied by lights, makeup, a carefully selected outfit and in some cases, an entire crew of people.

Community posts allow you to be more informal with your audience and show snippets of your world when you’re off-camera.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

Your community tab is a great opportunity to bring old videos back into the spotlight. While you should always strive to balance value with promotion, promoting your videos in your community tab really does work. An added bonus is that it’s so much easier to promote videos on your community tab on YouTube than it is on other social media platforms – you don’t even need to leave the website! This brings us to our next strategy…

Create A Buzz

Before the community tab was born, there was no way for YouTubers to get their fans excited about a new video on the platform. Sure, they could have gone to other social media outlets to do so, but that’s tedious and time-consuming.

Now, with the community tab, you can “pre-promote” your videos on the platform! When it comes to doing this, you have two options:

  1. Use a poll.
  2. Show a snippet from behind the scenes.

Get Exclusive

Like with any other platform, it’s important to give people a reason to follow and keep up with your updates on your community tab. Reposting content from your Instagram or Twitter, for example, just isn’t going to cut it. What you should be doing is posting content that’s exclusive to your community tab that your subscribers and viewers will not be able to find elsewhere.

Shout Out And Collab!

Use your community tab to give shoutouts to people you worked with in collaborations or just YouTubers that you really appreciate, as well as to show your appreciation to your fans by giving them shoutouts regularly. It’s always nice to know you’re appreciated and if you can give something back to your followers and make them feel good, you most certainly should!

Sell Your Products

You can market and sell your products through your community tab posts. All you need to do is post a status update to the tab with news about a fresh new product, a restocking or the product itself to your community tab.

Host A Q&A!

There’s nothing your audience would love more than to be able to ask you questions and have you answer them directly. To engage with your followers, host a Q&A on your community tab by creating a text post announcing that you’re hosting a Q&A and have your audience send you questions in the comments to that post!

You can also ask you audience questions and have them answer in the comments section if you feel uncomfortable answering their questions. The goal is the same – to start a discussion and create engagement on your channel!

To Summarize, Your Community Tab Should Be Active.

An active community tab creates another chance for your audience to engage with your content without having to leave the platform. As we already know, YouTube likes it when people stay logged in, so it only makes sense that the more people interact with your channel on the platform, the more inclined YouTube will be to suggest your videos to other users, thus increasing your watch time and giving you more exposure.

Get creative with your posts and don’t just repost content from other social media pages you might have. Be yourself and show your audience exactly what you have to offer – with your content, your merch, and your personality.

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