Why Saying The Word “You” In Your Video Is So Important

Why saying the word "You" in your video is so important

While YouTube is a video sharing platform, writing is still a considerable part of it. Whether you’re writing titles, descriptions, or an actual script for your video – you have to use words, and you have to choose them wisely.

When making a YouTube video, your goal is to keep the viewers around until the very end. To do that, you have to motivate them to stay. Great graphics and cinematography can only take you so far. People want to know why they should watch what you’re offering. What you’re essentially doing at the very beginning of your video is marketing it to the viewers. 

“You” is one of the most frequently used words in any language. Marketers have been honing in on the power of “you” for decades now, and they have an excellent reason for it, just as well as you do. 

It’s a psychological “attention-grabber”.

We live in a fast-paced, Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder kind of world. There are so many stimuli around us at every given second. It’s hard for us to say attentive and focus on one thing, unless it grabs our attention and speaks directly to us, at least. 

Remember, your viewers are human beings. Saying the word “you” within the first five seconds of your video will immediately grab your viewers’ attention. By merely talking to them and not at them, you form a connection right through the screen and make them feel invested, personally. So much so, that they’ll be much more inclined to stick around a little bit longer. 

Why Saying The Word _You_ In Your Video Is So Important Blog Art
The word “You” is a psychological attention-grabber

It Increases Overall Views and Watch-Time 

Hey.com (now VidiUp) researched the power of the word “you” when it comes to YouTube videos. They found that saying the word “you” within the first 5 seconds of your video can increase your overall video views by 66%. Even more astounding is the fact that if you say the word “you” twice in the first 30 seconds, that number can reach 97%. 

That applies to the beginning of the video. The more “you”s you say during your video and engaging the viewer, the longer you have their attention and focus. If your viewers “stay” on your video for more extended periods, your video watch-time increases. Simple as that.

It sets the snowball effect in motion.

The “Snowball Effect” is a metaphorical process, in which something small gains momentum and builds up and turns into something massive and quite unstoppable. 

When using the word “you” in your YouTube videos, the ball starts rolling. We’ve already established the fact that saying “you” in the first 5-30 seconds of your video can help you increase audience retention and engagement. The more of those two metrics you have, the better your chances are to rank higher in YouTube’s SERP. The higher you rank, the more organic exposure you receive. Consequentially, if you monetize your videos, or promote and sell a product or service in your videos, this also means your income increases from posting YouTube videos. 

Why Saying The Word _You_ In Your Video Is So Important Blog Art 2
The word “You” will set the snowball effect in motion

That’s about it, and YOU are very much welcome 🙂

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