YouTube Burnout – What Is It And How To Avoid It

YouTube Burnout - What Is It And How To Avoid It

Living The Life Of A YouTuber Is Hard. 

Sticking to a regular upload schedule, whether weekly or daily, is thought to be one of the best ways to build a strong fanbase on YouTube. Such a strategy – albeit effective – can have negative results for creators. 

These results are often emotional as well as physical. You’ll feel less energized and motivated to create, have trouble sleeping and sometimes develop actual health problems because your body and mind are so worn out from constantly creating. 
Over the past few years, creators have openly spoken about feeling burnt out. This feeling often comes from the pressure put on creators by the audience to constantly pump out content for their thousands – if not millions – of fans and subscribers.

Vlogger feeling burnout
Over the past few years, creators have openly spoken about feeling burnt out.

As if creating content isn’t enough, there’s also the mere fact that the internet never sleeps. Because the internet allows for people from all over the world to communicate in real-time, you’ll find that there’s always someone who follows you online that seeks interaction. 

There are always people affecting your numbers and analytics that you obsess over to see if your videos are performing as they should and if your channel is growing. 

When you’re a Youtuber, there’s always something going on. People from around the world are always complaining that they have to stay up all night to watch your live streams. So, you decide to be grateful and return the gesture – thus, ending up live-streaming at 2 AM when you have to be up and working a few hours later. 

What Is Burnout? 

Burnout is the result of prolonged work-related stress. According to experts, burnout is a mix of exhaustion, cynicism, and ineffectiveness. Burnout occurs most when the reward or recognition we get from working so hard don’t outweigh the workload and challenges. The experts also found that burnout is a lot like a spectrum or a scale with five distinct profiles

  1. Engaged: the creator is energetic, involved and effective. 
  2. Overextended: the creator is tired and overworked, but still productive. 
  3. Disengaged: Cynical, but productive. 
  4. Ineffective: Less productive, but the creator still potentially cares. 
  5. Burnout: Exhausted, cynical, and less effective.

YouTuber and Therapist Kati Morton created a series about burning out in the YouTube community and recognized four warning signs you should pay attention to:

  • Feeling constantly tired – feeling like no matter how much sleep you get, it’s never enough. Or, on the flip side, not getting enough sleep or having trouble falling asleep.
  • Being resentful towards your audience – feeling angry with your audience for commenting certain things or for their expectations of you as a creator that you feel like you can’t live up to.
  • Feeling like the rewards aren’t equal to the time it takes – feeling like no matter how hard you work, the end product is never what the audience wants it to be and it never performs well,
  • Being ineffective – feeling like you simply don’t have enough time to do everything you want to do. 
Young Woman Burnout
It has been proven by experts that getting enough sleep will recharge your body and mind and keep your performance at its’ highest

How Can You Avoid Burnout Or Deal With Burning Out

Body Maintenance

Exercise And Diet: 

When you’re a YouTuber, you can sit for hours on end in front of a computer screen and not move an inch. Researches found that this could be very harmful to your overall performance. When your body is working well, your mind is, too – a nice, happy, active body can let you communicate better and even come up with great, fresh ideas! 

  • Exercise: 
    • Researches found that moving as much as 30 minutes a day can increase your overall sense of well-being. 
    • Moving around gets the blood flowing and releases dopamine and endorphins, which makes us feel happy. 
    • So, getting a bit sweaty from time to time can help reduce stress and release those endorphins. In addition, these endorphins can help you feel so much better. 
  • Mind What You Eat: 
    • A good diet is also important because food is fuel for our bodies. 
    • When you go food shopping, try to choose “whole foods” like fruit and vegetables, rather than food that has been overly processed. 
    • These processed foods often contain high amounts of sugar, salt and other artificial ingredients. All of these can really harm your body and mind in the long-run. 
    • Read labels on food packages and think twice before you put something in your body. It will thank you. 

Energy And Sleep: 

Taking the time to unwind and be by yourself is important for the mind. In addition, it can help keep your energy levels up. There are plenty of ways that you can do this. All you have to do is just find an activity you enjoy doing by yourself (other than creating awesome YouTube videos, that is!) and go for it. Finding ways to relax will not only reduce stress (obviously!) but also keep you grounded. 

  • Quieting the brain down is hard, but so important to do. 
  • When you’re a YouTube creator, the very first thing you learn how to do is multitask. You plan your next video while you’re editing the one you just finished filming. Then, you’re uploading the one you finished editing just a little while before that. 
  • You always do everything, all at once. 
  • This can be very distracting and confusing for the brain. Your brain wants to focus on just one thing at a time. 
  • Meditation is an excellent way to relax and give your brain a much-needed break from the endless to-do lists and tasks that are at hand. 

Finally, you have to remember to get enough sleep at regular times. A lot of YouTube creators will often talk about how their “sleep schedules” are off and wonky because they stay up until the wee hours of the morning working on their channel. This, in turn, causes even more burnout for them. It has been proven by experts that getting enough sleep will recharge your body and mind and keep your performance at its’ highest. 

Time Management 

Time is precious, and for a lot of people – not just YouTube creators, it’s something that you feel like you have no control over. But, the truth is, you can control time, and quite easily, too. To make the most of your time, routines and planning are super helpful. 

  • When you’re a YouTuber, you have to build your own workday and schedule your own off days, as well. Filming, editing and script-writing 24/7, 365 days a year can be extremely tiresome, and it can make the burnout process even faster than it usually is.
  • Using weekly planners, monthly calendars and daily to-do lists can really help you stay organized. 
  • Monthly calendars can give you a bird’s-eye view of the month ahead of you – you can write down general events and important dates and plan your month around them. 
  • Weekly planners can help you focus in on a single week in your life and on the general tasks you have to do in that week. You can have a weekly planner strictly for YouTube, or you can combine your YouTube creation process with the rest of your everyday tasks. 
  • Daily to-do lists turn your plans into a doable reality – you can make a checklist of things you have to do at the beginning of each day and check off your completed tasks. 
  • The sense of accomplishment and organization you get from using these tools is astounding. Give it a try! 


Building a team is crucial if you feel overwhelmed and over-stretched as a YouTube creator. Being a YouTuber means you’re a one-woman or man operation and that you have to do everything by yourself. 

You can go on Fiverr or Upwork and find freelancers to do some of the work for you. Whether it’s video editing or thumbnail making, you can find anyone to work for you as a freelancer on these websites (and similar websites) at a price that will fit your budget. 

Sometimes, taking some of the workloads off of yourself and passing it onto professionals can reduce stress and anxiety almost miraculously. Don’t be afraid to outsource some of your work if you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

Finding the time to care for yourself is super important when it comes to maintaining a YouTube channel. By taking care of yourself, you’re staying on top of your A-game and producing the best content you possibly can!

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