YouTube Channel Analytics Explained – 2020 Complete Tutorial

YouTube Analytics is your channel’s control panel. This feature can give you a bird’s eye view of the inner workings of your channel and your channel’s success.

Every YouTube creator knows that getting an audience to watch your content is crucial for channel success. Zeroing-in on what your viewers enjoy and hooking them so they’ll want to return and watch more of your content can increase watch time and viewers’ retention.

Having a broad audience can also help you promote your channel organically. Your viewers can share your content on their social media accounts. Thus, they are sharing your content with their friends. Sharing means they are spreading the word to other potential viewers.

Your Analytics can help answer some of your most burning questions about your channel and content’s performance. It lets you know how your channel is doing. For example, you can find out who is watching your content and what are they most interested in. You can also discover how engaged your audience is with your videos and channel, and how much money you’re making with your channel. Finally, you can assess whether you’re meeting your business goals.

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YouTube Analytics can help answer some of your most burning questions about your channel and content’s performance.

YouTube Analytics, Explained

YouTube Analytics has transformed the new YouTube Studio Beta. Now, when you go to your analytics page, you can see all your channel analytics in a big block at the top of the screen.

The new YouTube analytics page focuses on the channel level. In your Youtube channel analytics, You can see all your channel’s performances at a glance. You can see a graph with 5 different tabs. Each tab focuses on a different aspect of your channel analytics. These analytics give you valuable insight into the inner workings of your channel. The best feature in your analytics, however, is the possibility to make comparisons between different time periods, so you can have a look at the past and present performances of your channel and try to find negative or positive trends in your channel general performance.

Without further ado, let’s dive into each tab on your YouTube channel analytics and make sense of the graphs and numbers.

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Zeroing-in on what your viewers enjoy and hooking them so they’ll want to return and watch more of your content can increase watch time and viewers’ retention.


channel analytics overview

When you first open your analytics page and encounter your YouTube analytics dashboard, you can see the overview tab.

In it, you’ll find a graph showing you everything there is to know about your channel at a glance. You can look at the number of views it has, watch-time hours, subscribers gained and your estimated revenue.

Realtime Activity

Next to the graph, you’ll find a block with another bar graph in it. This graph is your RealTime Activity graph. Realtime Activity shows you which videos are being watched while the report is shown to you. You can see the bar on the far right blinking, which means something’s happening on your channel.

Top Videos In This Period

Top Videos In This Period shows you the videos with the most views of a given time period. This table will present your video thumbnails and titles, as well as average view duration and the total number of views per video.

Clicking on See More will enable you to compare specific videos against one another on various analytics metrics (gender, geography, device type, etc.). You can use this feature to see which performed better. It can also give you valuable insight. For example, you can see if a certain video has any trends and patterns. You can also see things like subscription status (meaning how many people are subscribed to your channel or not) and subscription source (showing you from where people subscribed to your channel on the platform).

Best use:

You can use your overview dashboard to get a quick, general look on how your channel is doing.


Reach Tab

Your Reach tab is all about traffic. In this tab, you’ll see various data points, such as how your channel and the content in it are performing on search engines in and outside of YouTube’s platform.

Traffic Source Types + Impressions

The two main graphs you can see on your Reach tab are your Traffic Source Types Pie Chart and Impressions Funnel. The former can give you a general clue on how people are discovering your content. The latter gives you an insight into how well your thumbnails are performing on YouTube’s Search Engine Results Page. The more views you get from impressions, the better your thumbnails are performing.  The higher your CTR is, the better your thumbnail is! Although, you have to keep in mind that low CTR doesn’t necessarily mean that your thumbnail isn’t performing well. Sometimes YouTube

Traffic Source Suggested Videos

Best Use:

  • Having a deeper look into your Reach analytics can help you optimize your content to the largest traffic source through which people find your content.
  • You can even see which of your videos YouTube suggests to users and how well they’re performing.
  • If you’re doing something right in those videos – you can look into how the videos are made and use them as an optimization reference point for other videos.


Engagement Tab

Your Engagement tab is all about watch-time and view duration. When clicking on it, you will see a big graph presenting these two youtube analytics metrics.

Better watch times mean better content for the algorithm. Then, when the algorithm recognizes your content as highly entertaining and compelling for people to watch, it will start promoting your content on the suggestions and recommendations and expose you to even more viewers and potential fans.

Top Videos
Top Videos By End Screen
Tops Playlists And Cards

Your engagement reports can even give you insight into what cards, end screens, and playlists are performing better on your channel and how many interactions and engagements they’re getting.

Best Use:

  • Your goal as a creator is to keep your audience watching as close to 100% of your video as you can.
  • Your average view duration report can give you valuable insight into when your audience is clicking out.
  • By cross-referencing the data with the video itself, you might be able to find out why they click out, as well.
  • Then, you can change and adapt your content and see if there’s any change at all.


Audience Tab

Your audience tab allows you to see valuable information about who your audience is. This tab is all about subscribers. This section shows you how many subscribers you’ve gained and lost over time and whether they subscribed after watching a specific video or through your channel page. This tab also shows your demographics for your audience – age, gender, and location; as well as whether or not they have notifications turned on for your content.

Watch Time From Subscribers
Notification Bell
Subscribers by demographics

Best Use:

  • You can use your Audience tab to learn more about the behaviour of your viewers, as well as your subscribers.
  • For instance, you can look at how many videos each viewer watches on average and learn from that about the success and performance of the videos on your channel.
  • You can also look at your demographics to see who watches your content the most and tailor your content to suit the majority of your viewers. 


Channel Revenue

Your revenue report shows you how much money you’re making on YouTube and there your revenue streams are coming from. This report gives you an overview of the different types of revenue streams, including estimated ad revenue.

Best Use:

  • The Ad Rates report gives you a detailed breakdown of how much money each type of ad is bringing into your channel.
  • You can also see how many ads play on your videos broken up by ad types.

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