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Create Videos Based On What People Are Searching For


As a YouTuber, you always strive to get as many views as possible for your videos. One of the ways to achieve it is by using TuBeast’s YouTube Keyword Tool.
This tool will help you find all the information you need (and beyond) for each and every keyword you’re targeting as part of your video content research and strategy.

Thanks to our big data technologies, making keyword research on YouTube (for any keyword) has never been so easy!

Key Features & Use Cases

YouTube Keyword Tool - Monthly Search Volume
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Monthly Search Volume For Any Keyword, Worldwide

  • If you want to get more views and new subscribers, you have to create videos based on what your audience is searching for! The more searches per month, the more views you potentially can get!
  • Remember that keywords are crucial for your YouTube strategy; They are the linking factor between what people are searching for and what you, as a content creator, can provide for them.

Find Hundreds Of Relevant And Related Keywords For Your Videos

  • Finding related keywords can help you come up with future video ideas, and might even inspire you to develop an entire series around a specific subject.
  • The more related keywords you have in one video, the better your video ranking chances are.
  • Get access to tons of unique and different video content ideas!
YouTube Keyword Tool - Related Keywords
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YouTube Keyword Tool - Competition Score
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Find And Focus On Keywords With A Low Competition Score

  • Our 'YouTube Keyword Research' tool has a “competition score” feature built-in, which allows you to see how difficult it is to rank a video on YouTube for any given keyword.
  • The lower the competition score, the easier it will be for you to rank your videos on YouTube. We can help you find the words you should be making videos for that aren’t too competitive.

Find Trending Keywords

  • Get a list of trending searches on YouTube, giving you opportunities to create viral videos before everyone else!
  • Get the average monthly search volume & last 12 months search volumes for each trending keyword.
YouTube Keyword Tool - Trending Keywords
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