What Is YouTube Tags Generator

How To Use This YouTube SEO Tool?

This free YouTube tags generator tool will let you find the best tags for YouTube videos, all you need to do is to enter your core / focused keyword or video idea.
Then, our tags generator will find the best and most optimized tags you should use in your upcoming or existing video.

What Are YouTube Tags? 

YouTube tags are descriptive keywords that you can add to any of your videos (new or existing ones). Adding YouTube tags for videos is crucial if you want to increase discoverability. Or in other words – YouTube video tags are keywords and phrases that describe your video. Their sole purpose is to provide the algorithms with more context about your videos to help users discover your content. In the example screenshot below, you can see the video tags for a video about ‘birdhouses’ –

proper youtube tags

Why Is It Important To Use The Right Tags For Your Video?

  • It Will Help You Rank Your Video On The Search Engine Results Page. Ranking your video in the search results page (Google.com & YouTube.com) is not an easy task. By tagging your video correctly, the algorithms will find your videos easily and rank them on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) without a hitch.
  • It Can Lead To Increased Watch Times. By ranking your videos higher on the SERP, you will get more exposure to potential viewers. More exposure means more clicks. This ultimately leads to more watch time for your videos.
  • It Helps YouTube Correctly Classify Your Content. YouTube content classification algorithm is heavily based on video tags. Tagging your video correctly will help the algorithm find your content and classify it correctly on the platform so it doesn’t get lost in the ocean of video content uploaded every minute.
  • Using The Right Tags Can Help You Rank As A Suggested Video. If your tags match those of a popular video, you might show up next to it in the Recommended Videos section.

How To Tag Your YouTube Videos Perfectly

  • Use Your Target Keyword In The First Tag. Make sure your first tag is the exact target keyword that you want to rank your video for. Next, you’ll want to add your related keywords. Make sure you stay relevant, otherwise your video might be taken down. 
  • Use Accurate Tags. According to YouTube, misleading tags will get your video taken down. Some people think that adding their competitor’s channel name in the tags will help them show up in the Recommended Videos column. This assumption is wrong. Don’t use inaccurate tags, ever. YouTube’s algorithms are so advanced that they can cross-reference what you’re saying in your video with your video tags. Therefore, if they don’t find your tags being said in the actual video or closely relevant to your video’s main topic, you might be penalized for it, rather than rewarded.
  • Copy Tags From Popular Videos. You can add a few relevant tags from a popular video to your tags. You can find those tags by using TuBeast’s Chrome Extension.

Our YouTube Tags Generator Will Help You Get More Views

  • Tagging Your Videos Correctly Will Increase Your Video’s Rank In The SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It’s a well-known fact that well-tagged videos appear higher in the search engine results pages.
  • Tagging Your Video Can Increase Watch Time. Being more visible on YouTube’s search results will ultimately lead to more people finding your video and clicking on it, which will lead to an increase in your video’s watch-time and audience retention.
  • Tagging Your Videos Will Get You In The Recommended Sections. As we mentioned before, tagging your videos correctly could help you get in the recommended videos section and lead to more YouTube video views.   

How Many Tags Can You Have On YouTube?

  • YouTube allows as many tags as you can fit within the 500 characters limit. 
  • Generally speaking, most videos have an average of 5-8 tags.

Now the question is “how do you order your tags properly and which tags should you use?”, which brings us to our next section – 

YouTube Video Tags Best Practices

  • Order Your Tags By Importance. Use your target keyword first, and order your related keywords by importance afterward. Here’s a great example of how you should tag your videos. This video’s main keyword was ‘Last of us 2’ 
    good youtube video tags example
  • Use Broad Keywords That Describe The General Topic Your Video Falls Under –
    So, if your video is about “how to shoot a 3-pointer shot in basketball”, you’ll want to add “basketball” as a broad tag to let YouTube know that your video’s general topic is about basketball.
  • Use Specific Keywords That Describe The Topics You Cover In Your Video –
    Using these keywords will help YouTube’s algorithms understand your content better. For example, in the same “how to shoot a 3-pointer shot in basketball” video, adding “shooting from the 3 point line” and “basketball shots best practices” as tags would tell the algorithms what exact topics you’re covering in your video.
  • Don’t “Stuff” Your Tags Or Go Overboard –
    Just because you have 500 characters to use doesn’t mean you have to use all 500 characters. Aim for 200-300 characters and keep your tags relevant. Here’s an example of how you shouldn’t organize your YouTube video tags

    bad youtube video tags example

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