YouTube Video Analytics Explained – 2020 Complete Tutorial

YouTube Analytics Explained - Video Analytics

YouTube will never stop growing, it seems. With more than 5 billion videos shared on the platform to this date and over 50 million creators uploading content to the platform, standing out is becoming increasingly harder.

Maintaining a successful YouTube channel isn’t as easy as it used to be. These days, you have to keep your eyes on the prize and make sure you know exactly what is happening on your channel at all times.

YouTube Video Analytics is one of the most important things to take a look at, whether you’re just starting or an old-time YouTuber. Your video analytics are each individual video’s heartbeat monitor – you want to make sure everything is nice and healthy for each video on your channel, especially if your videos are a part of your brand’s marketing strategy.  

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about YouTube Analytics on the video level. We’ll discuss why each feature is valuable and what you can do with the data it presents to make your channel and content better.

Why Should You Care About Your YouTube Video Analytics?

Your Video Analytics can give you valuable insight into your video performances, your audience, and your revenues in case your content is eligible for monetization. It’s the control panel to your video’s performance as well as your entire channel’s performance. If you want to be a successful YouTuber that never plateaus, regularly looking at your videos’ analytics data is crucial.

You can reach your Video Analytics by Clicking on a video name in any of the overview reports on the channel level, as well as through the video manager in the YouTube Creator’s Studio.  

YouTube Video Analytics Page

Like your channel analytics, your video analytics page is built with “blocks”.

Your main block is your main graph and the “steering wheel” to your analytics journey.

There’s a lot you can learn from your video analytics that can help you develop a great growth strategy as well as “keep your eyes on the prize” when it comes to your videos’ performances on the platform.

The Overview Tab

Video Level Overview

This tab gives you to see a “birds-eye” view of your general video performance.

For example, you can see how many views the specific video you’re analyzing has. You can also see how many watch hours the video generated and how many people subscribed to your channel through watching that video.

Finally, your overview tab shows you your estimated ad revenue for that specific video.

By clicking on “see more” at the bottom of the graph, you’ll open up a more detailed report on that video. In this report, you can look at the demographics reports for your video – such as your viewers’ gender, location, age, and traffic source. You can also compare the video you’re analyzing to other videos on your channel to see which one performed better and why.

Things You Should Know

  • This can give you a powerful insight into who is watching your video.
  • This insight enables you to tailor your content to these viewers and produce videos that are compelling for them.
  • The more tailored your videos are to your viewers, the better your watch time will be.

Let’s take a deeper dive into each feature on this tab and see how you can use the information to your advantage.

Audience Retention

If you scroll down and look at the Audience Retention report, you’ll see a graph of your audience retention for that video. Also, if you click on “see more”, a window will pop up with a video player and the same graph underneath it.

Then, if you play your video, you can see exactly where the graph drops or spikes, which can give you insight into your video’s retention “abilities”.

Things You Should Know

  • This insight can help you improve your upcoming videos if you see a sudden drop or spike
  • It can also teach you a lot about what your audience likes or what it doesn’t like that makes it click off before the video ends.
YouTube analytics Realtime video

On the left of your Audience Retention report, you’ll find your Realtime Activity report.

Things You Should Know

  • This report shows you, in real-time, how many people are viewing your specific video and where they found your video: on YouTube’s search engine, from an external source or if they got a direct link to the video from someone else.
Video Likes and Dislikes

Our last graph to look at is the Likes (vs. dislikes) report.

Things You Should Know

  • This report will give you powerful insight into whether your audience liked this video or disliked it,
  • It also shows you a comparison between your likes vs. dislikes ratio for that specific video against your entire channel’s average.

The Reach Tab

Reach Tab

The Reach tab allows you to see your video’s impressions, Impressions CTR, views, and unique viewers (meaning viewers who came to your video for the first time).

Your Reach graph shows you how well your video thumbnail and titles are performing and how many new viewers they are attracting.

Things You Should Know

  • Your Impressions report shows you how many times your thumbnail was displayed on the platform at a given time
  • Your Impressions Click-Through-Rate report shows how many times your video got clicked on after the thumbnail was displayed.
  • Your views report shows you how many general views your video generated
  • your unique viewers report shows you how many first time viewers your video attracted.

Scrolling down, you’ll find several graphs showing valuable data points for you to look at.

Traffic Source Types

The Traffic Source Types report shows you which traffic source generated the most views, whether your video was found most on YouTube’s search engine or an external source (meaning, websites, and apps that embedded your video or linked to it on YouTube).

You can also see how many people reached your video through direct URL referral, other YouTube features and suggested videos.

Things You Should Know

  • This information matters because if you get most of your views from YouTube search, it means you have great SEO skills and should keep up the good work!
  • However, if most of your views come from the Suggested Videos, for example, it means your thumbnails and titles are compelling enough for people to want to click on them, which is awesome!
Impressions Tab

On the right of this graph, you’ll see a funnel-shaped graph presenting your Impressions and how they led to watch-time report. This graph shows the journey your thumbnails embark on from the moment an impression was made until it ends in a video view.

Things You Should Know

  • The more views from impressions you have, the better your thumbnails and titles are! The higher the watch-time is, the better your video content is.
  • Meaning, you want high CTR and views as well as high retention. Once you have that, you’re on the right track.

Below these two graphs, you’ll see more elaborate reports of traffic source types. These reports give you more insight into which search engines you’re most visible on as well as the proportion has in all traffic sources.

The Engagement Tab

Engagement Tab

The Engagement tab is all about watch-time and audience retention. The graph shows you both for the specific video you’re analyzing. Like in the overview tab, you get your audience retention graph as well as an overall video watch time graph.

Things You Should Know

  • By clicking on the “see more” button at the bottom of the Average View Duration report, you can get insight into different parameters such as which traffic source or demographics generated the most watch-time for that video.
  • This enables you to further tailor your video to your targeted audience, as well as find out who your target audience is.

Scrolling down, you’ll also see your likes-to-dislikes ratio, your audience retention graph, and your end-screens click rate.

The Audience Tab

Audience Tab

In your Audience tab, you will first find a graph showing you your unique viewers, the average views per viewer, and the number of subscribers this video gained.

Your Unique Viewers report is the same one as the report you will find in your Reach tab. However, on the Average views per viewer report you can see how many times your viewers are watching the specific video you’re analyzing, and you also look at your Subscribers report and see how many people subscribed to your channel from watching that specific video.

Scrolling down, you’ll see how much watch-time the video got from subscribers, and demographics reports (gender, age, location).

The Revenue Tab

Revenue Tab

Your Revenue tab is identical to the tab at the channel level. In it, you can see your revenue sources, the ad types showing on your video, and your video’s estimated transaction revenue.

Things You Should Know

  • Your Estimated Revenue report shows you the total estimated revenue for that video from all Google-sold ads and transactions for the selected date and region.
  • Your Estimated Monetized Playback report gives you a report of all monetized playbacks. Monetized playbacks are counted when a viewer is shown at least one ad impression when watching the video. It’s also counted when a viewer leaves a video during a pre-roll ad.
  • Your Playback-based CPM report shows you the estimated average gross revenue per thousand playbacks on which an ad was shown.

These reports are important if you’re on the YouTube Partner Program and monetizing your channel. It can help you keep track of your financial gains from your videos and see which are your highest-earning videos.

Scrolling down, you’ll find three more reports.

Revenue Sources

Your Revenue Sources report shows how your video makes money with YouTube.

Ad Types

Your Ad types report shows you which ads are shown on that specific video.

Transaction Revenue

Last, your transaction revenue report shows your video’s estimated transaction revenue, including money from paid content (YouTube Premium) and Superchat, minus any refunds to partners.  

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