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How To Use This Tool?

To get started, you have two different options choosing a thumbnail –

  • Simply upload your thumbnails from your PC, Laptop or Mobile, or – 
  • Copy-paste any YouTube video URL

Then, after you click on the ‘generate thumbnail preview’ button, we will display how your chosen thumbnail looks like on desktop and mobile devices, across different placements and locations on 

It’s as simple as that!

Check How Your Thumbnail Looks On Different Devices And Screen Sizes!

Never wonder again if your thumbnail looks clear and eye-catching enough on mobile as it is on desktop – you can now come and see for yourself what your video thumbnail will (or currently) look like on different devices and placements on the YouTube platform, such as:
  1. Main Page | Homepage Feed (Desktop & Mobile)
  2. YouTube Video Page | Suggested Videos Feed (Desktop & Mobile)
  3. YouTube Search Results (Desktop & Mobile)
  4. Google Search Results (Desktop & Mobile)
Our free YouTube Video Thumbnail Preview/Viewer tool is entirely free to use, convenient, and intuitive. Created to help you in your YouTube journey to gain more views, clicks and fame, you will never have to ask how to view YouTube thumbnail images before uploading again!

If you want to enjoy unlimited thumbnail preview checks, just create an account with us for free. Here’s an example of how our ‘video thumbnail preview / viewer‘ tool looks like inside the TuBeast dashboard –
tubeast video thumbnail preview / viewer tool
* Click to enlarge picture
(Watch the full report here –

Why Checking Your Thumbnail Preview Is So Important? 

Checking what your thumbnail looks like on different screen sizes, placements and devices is important for many reasons: 
  1. It allows you to craft the ultimate thumbnail that will be eye-catching and alluring on all device types and formats.
  2. It allows you to spot and fix mistakes and mishaps before you upload your content and saves you time and energy!
  3. Our Thumbnail Preview tool will allow you to test your thumbnails and check if the video time-stamp on the bottom right corner of the thumbnail is hiding important elements, as can be seen in this example –
  4. This tool allows you to check if the message you’re trying to convey is well understood and communicated on various devices and screen sizes. This tool allows you to check if the message you’re trying to convey is well understood and communicated on various devices and screen sizes.
  5. A more engaging and compelling thumbnail has been proven to increase CTR, which will consequently lead to more views and subscribers – making your path to success smoother and quicker.

Creating A Custom YouTube Video Thumbnail Is More Important Than You Think

First and foremost, your custom thumbnail file needs to be up to 2MB in size, and 1280×720 px in dimensions. Keep your images aesthetically pleasing and make sure your video’s subject is clear in your thumbnail, and add some text to the thumbnail (if appropriate) to make it even more eye-catching and compelling. To read more about crafting the perfect YouTube thumbnail, click here and educate yourself. It can work wonders on your journey to success!

Using TuBeast, You Can Check How Well Your Thumbnail Will Perform BEFORE You Upload Your Video

Using our innovative AI Thumbnail Analysis Tool, you can check your overall thumbnail quality as well as how well it will perform on YouTube’s platform quickly and easily. Doing this will allow you to catch up on mistakes and errors before you upload your video (and your thumbnail) to the platform and create the perfect video for your YouTube channel at the click of a mouse!

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